Those who are thinking of performing an operation due to the lack of effect of the medicine, they must try our Ayurvedic treatment.

The Ayurvedic medicine of Piles Ayurveda is 100% herbal and its consumption permanantly cures piles, fistula and fissures.

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Our Goal

Discouraging patients suffering from piles, fistulas and fissures from undergoing surgery and making their life comfortable by getting a permanent and complete cure with Ayurvedic medicine.

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Dr. Deepak Chaudhary is a famous Hemorrhoids and Fistula expert and he has cured many people from Hemorrhoids and Fistula till date. Dr. Deepak Chaudhary has completed his education in BAMS MD (AM), PhD (Herbal) FAACAM (USA). He has been practicing since 2014 and has more than 7 years of experience in this field.

Dr. Deepak Chaudhary is an author who has written a book "Say no to surgery" to prevent people with hemorrhoids and fistulas from undergoing surgery.

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Our medicine

All the medicines of Piles Ayurveda have been developed with 100% herbal method.


Piles Ayurveda provides 100% reliable treatment for Piles, Fistula and Fissures.


it can be described as a group of anal cells or tissues with blood vessels and surrounding, smooth tissue (hemorrhoidal discs)

If hemorrhoids spread, they can cause many problems, of which painless bleeding is the most common.

What are the main symptoms of hemorrhoids?
  •  Rectal bleeding (stool-covered blood).
  •   Lumps on the rectum.
  •   Stained underwear.
  •   Painful swelling around the anus
    (block mass).
  •   Opening of the intestine which causes pain.
  •   A strong feeling when opening the anus.
  •   Appearance of slender mucus.
  •   Constant need to empty the bowel.
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A rectal fistula is formed when an irregular false passage arises between the inside of the rectum and the outer surface of the skin. Anal fistulas are classified according to the position of the tract and the relation of the anal opening to the internal opening of the sphincter muscle. This condition usually develops without rectal abscess. The anal abscess itself is usually the result of a small gland that becomes infected.

What are the main symptoms of fistula?
  •   Swelling, tenderness, itching or redness around the anus.
  •   Swelling, tenderness, itching or redness around the anus.
  •   Pu, bleeding.
  •   Pain fever associated with bowel movements.
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When the skin of the anus is cut or damaged, it is called anal fissure. This is exactly what happens when your dry lips gnaw. Fissures usually bleed and cause pain, so they are often confused with hemorrhoids. This usually puts tension on the anus when the anal muscles stretch too far. It can occur in people who suffer from constipation or chronic diarrhea.

What are the main symptoms of fissures?
  •   Pain during bowel movements.
  •   Pain after bowel movements.
  •   Blood on stool or toilet paper.
  •   Anal itching.
  •   Visible damage to the skin of the anus.
  •   A small lump near the anal canal.
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Speciality Kit

Piles Ayurveda has developed Piles and Fistula Kits through several medical experiments.
This kit eliminates piles and fistula from the root and makes you free from this disease forever.

Fistula Kit

Fistula kit is the best medicine for fistula.
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Piles Kit

Piles Kit is the best medicine for piles.
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